Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This Internet outpost has been abandoned.

I had a good run as far as blogs go, but I’ve officially petered out.

According to Movable Type, I’ve written 718 entries and had 2,857 comments. I enjoyed myself, but I just don’t have the “personal blogger” in me anymore. I’m not as willing to be as openly confessional as I was when I started this in my 20s. And, while I have a kid, I can’t bring myself to be a “mommy blogger.” And, this isn’t really the right venue for me to be “business blogger.” I’ll be doing that elsewhere.

So, farewell irish-girl.com. I’m keeping the domain and leaving the archives up (because who doesn’t want to read about that one time I made out with a groomsman at my cousin’s wedding?), but I’m officially done blogging here.

You can still find me, though, if you really miss me:
Geek Girls Guide

Peace out.

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